a brioche bap or plated with four sides

Homemade slaws and sauces

crackling pulled pork

fennel + paprika rubbed pork shoulder, slow roasted in apple juice, served in a roast mop sauce with home cured crackling

south downs pulled lamb

garlic + rosemary rubbed lamb shoulder, slow roasted and served with a mint vinegar roast mop sauce

Ale roasted pulled beef

mustard + pepper rubbed beef chuck, slow roasted in Sussex ale, served with a bone marrow roast mop sauce 

freerange roast chicken

home spice rubbed chicken served with a selection of roast mop sauces to fit the season

butcher steak

flash fried Sussex beef flank steaks, dipped in a herb red wine mop sauce


sussex halloumi + mushroom (V)

herbed mushrooms with pan fried cheese

roast beetroot burger (V) + (Ve)

spiced bean + beetroot patty with a mint + feta spread

soup (V)

served with chunky croutons


parmasen heap

curried parsnip

citrus yoghurt

roast beetroot

horseradish + chive cream

peanut butter + squash

toasted walnuts


Served with new potatoes or buttery mash (grain mustard option)

beef + ale

rich bone marrow broth + vegetables

orchard pork

russet apple + vegetables